Our mission

Dedicated to pioneering universal solutions for critical infectious diseases such as HCV, HIV, Influenza A, and JC virus.

R&D Activity

Harnessing the power of human monoclonal antibody cloning as the cornerstone for pioneering vaccine breakthroughs.

Commercial Activity

Empowering businesses with tailored recombinant proteins and customized antibodies to fuel innovation and growth.

Who we are

We are a private Italian
R&D biotech company

Every breakthrough at Pomona Ricerca is driven by our commitment to improving patient outcomes. We strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals by delivering effective and safe immunotherapeutic solutions. At the heart of Pomona Ricerca's vision lies a fervent dedication to advancing research in monoclonal antibodies to prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Strategy for antibodies and vaccines development


Our strategy

Pomona Ricerca provides indispensable services in the critical pre-clinical characterization stage of drug development.
The business model of Pomona Ricerca operates on three fronts:

  • designing and developing new monoclonal antibodies, followed by out-licensing the mAbs at the pre-clinical characterization stage
  • developing of antibody-based vaccines
  • providing proteins and services for the characterization of new monoclonal antibodies

Our comprehensive approach, blending consolidated scientific expertise with cutting-edge technologies, positions us as an attractive partner for biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions aiming to bring novel therapeutics to market.

Pomona ricerca

Products & Services

Proteins distribution

Marketing of premium viral proteins of exceptional quality to advance your scientific research.

Custom antibody

Generating, characterizing and engineering monoclonal antibodies sourced from different species.

Custom protein

Customizing your protein design to fit the exact characteristics you require.

Pomona ricerca


Pomona ricerca