At Pomona our primary focus lies in the pre-clinical characterization stage, a pivotal phase that sets the foundation for successful drug development.

We understand that comprehensive characterization is paramount to ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of potential therapeutic candidates before they advance to clinical trials.

The process for the design and selection of the best monoclonal antibody that fits with the chosen requirements is the core of Pomona activity. Considering the host-pathogen interplay we identify the most desirable activity that is necessary for an antibody molecule and we design the most appropriate selection and cloning technique (hybridoma and phage display technology).

This approach already allowed the identification of “best in class” antibodies against HCV and influenza A and the identification of the first human monoclonal antibody against JCV.

During the process of selection and identification of the best antibody, the highest priority is given to products that:

  • show competitive advantages versus competitor products
  • have the potentiality of being developed through an orphan drug status or a fast-track approval process

The core of Pomona activity can be divided in four main research lines:

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